Delta Blues

“Blues Cruise down the Mississippi” was a story that I did for Westways Magazine in the Fall of ‘94.

This was a amazing project that took me down thru Memphis, Tennessee, Clarksdale -
Indianola - Greenville, Mississippi & Helena, Arkansas, I heard some
Great Music, met some lifelong friends and had some of the best BBQ on
the planet.

Art Director/Designer - Holly Caporale

writer - Joe Nick Patoski       

Sad to say, a lot of the folk’s that I photographed are no longer with us….. Model T-Ford, Wade Walton, Mississippi John Hurt Jr., Frank Frost, Junior Kimbrough, Willie Foster, Johnnie Billington, Charlie Vergos, Sam Carr, Z.L. Hill to name a few.

RING” Lucha Libre

Images from a Lucha Libre Project that I did back in the mid ‘90’s, in Compton, CA and Mexico City.

This was a time when it was much more of a Underground Entertainment, Unlike today it was not so polished. I set out to capture the Film Noir / Gritty look that I love in film’s of the 40’s-50’s.

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